What No One Tells You About NVR?

Today is the day of information technology and in IT the one thing is must and that is security. There are different types of securities like digital security, room security, office security cameras etc.

When you talk about the security cameras there are several names in our minds but the NVR and DVR  are the  most common and popular names in these days. NVR is Network video recorder system use for the security of offices, homes, shops. Anyplace wherever there is a threat of robbery and thereat of security as well. NVR is a network camera that helpful in record the images and then show us the recorded images as well. The NVR is combined with network cameras that take images and then transfer it on the network. NVRs can be used on an IP network as well.

How it works?

NVRs work itself by IP system plat form, it’s not work on BNS system. It’s also sits on you pc at internet protocol plat form. Before start the NVR you have must a LAN over the internet having strong flexibility. The basic function of NVR is that to take immediate recording from your IP cameras.

Why the NVR is best?

The NVR, or system video plotter, is one of the more prevalent picks day by day, as compare with other electronic devices. The choices or facilities of going wireless is always moderately attractive. We have not live in that time when our computers had to be always responsive to a router via Ethernet cord. We also take keen interest to avoid the wires and cables etc. so, that’s why the NVR is the best option because here is the only one wire regarding from box only. It is not necessary to put off/on the wires instead you replace the battery.

The NVR attaches via your internet and attached with your cameras so, its direct relation with your box. This shows to be suitable for many situations because there is no issue regarding revolving or replacement of the cameras. You have free to revolve and replace it according to its range.

Here is the another advantage of it ,if you have several offices regarding all cities and you want to monitor every individual in the office you just on NVR system and check appearance of every also reduces the human cost as well.

NVR is just amazing in every point of view like, no hawsers no irritation, and the freedom of replacement as well.



Performance management is an integral part of a contact center. It helps align agents, processes and systems to their goals and objectives, such as customer satisfaction, cost control and revenue boost. Technological solutions are needed when a company is interested in such ways.

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ZigVoice Contact Center for Nortel PBX

With ZigVoice, you can continue using Nortel PBX system based on ACD (automatic call distributor) to detect and improve the quality levels of each of your agents.
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What is ACD

As described by TechTarget, An Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is a telephone system that monitors incoming calls and distributes them to associated agents according to the given instructions. The ACD works with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to answer incoming calls. Many companies that offer sales and support use ACD to validate callers, record messages, make outgoing responses or calls, forward calls to the right agent, gather usage statistics, balance the use of telephone lines and provide other services as well.


ZigVoice Contact Center Software brought ACD historical reporting and real-time reporting to the web, allowing access anytime anywhere. This feature makes our software ideal for increased accessibility, including connecting with multiple sites or home-based agents. Businesses that replace their manual system with ZigVoice ACD solutions can offer their customers the best user experience, and reduce maintenance costs and provisioning. Check out more features, including Recorder Plus, Digital Signage, LED Wallboards and Agent Dashboards.