Delivering security and stability to the Education System

Safeguarding the school is a primary concern in education today. Whereas surveillance was once seen as a luxury in the education system today, many school systems see how necessary and highly cost-effective this precautionary measure is. Solid records that a video recording provides can be priceless in circumstances involving accountability claims. The use of video recordings as evidence and as a means of identification can reduce threats of violence, theft and vandalism. When Strantin’s advanced surveillance technologies are properly integrated into schooling systems, security threats and responsibility issues can be almost entirely eradicated. Security protects students, staff and administrators at once. Strantin lets you monitor and act accordingly.

Key Benefits

  • Utilizes existing network infrastructure (often built through e-rate funding)
  • Gather the existing surveillance of multiple sites and view them using a single interface
  • Reduce and discourage theft and damage through digitally recorded monitoring and chronicling of video surveillance
  • Reduce cost of hiring full-time security in facilities by implementing smart video surveillance schemes
  • Cost effective because using current network infrastructure translates to low start-up and operating costs
  • User-friendly design and controls minimizes the need for complex and costly user training
  • Easily integrates with other software for easy monitoring and liability solutions
  • Total System diagnostics available anywhere, anytime across the world
  • High-resolution camera technology guarantees that end-users get the clearest, highest-grade images and video
  • Quick mobile access to video by first respondents without downloading software
  • Proactive monitoring day or night
  • Ability to view the class activities
  • Monitor and track the whole school or education system from a single interface