Enterprise Software

Strantin Enterprise Software is a comprehensive user friendly solution that monitors, reviews, and streamlines images from your surveillance system. Strantin Enterprise Software is the perfect solution for surveillance. Easy implentation and efficient operation gathers needed information. You get premium features at a reasonable price.

Avoid network redundancy. Because surveillance video is absolutely ‘continuous’ in nature, Strantin does not implement the conventional storage array technique. Rather, Strantin generates full frame jpg images which are stored on alternating servers to  avoid lost images. Strantin then flawlessly interlaces the stored images during playback.

Instead of the basic RAID redundancy, Strantin provides server, network and real redundancy. If images are sent to two Strantin servers, then if you lose access to one server, you still have immediate access to your camera images. In addition, Strantin’s redundant archiving methodology enables the load to be dispersed across all available hard drives and servers in the system, minimizing stress on the specific elements.


  • Customizable server configuration
  • Ensures 100% data access anytime you want
  • Minimizes data loss nearly to 0%
  • Customizable to your network server’s configuration
  • Uses the latest storage technology to achieve the best and accurate results
  • Customizable reduced redundancy can be configured to record every other frame, switch drives within a system for redundancy in the event of a drive failure or alternate servers for redundancy in the event of a complete server failure
  • In contrast to RAID, end users get almost the full capacity of their hard drives for video storage without the expense of distributed parity or dedicated parity drives