Chronology Storage

Strantin Chronology Storage™

Strantin’s carefully designed Chronology Storage™ data management architecture uses the inherent sequential nature of surveillance data capture. Chronology Storage™ redefines drive potential, resiliency and redundancy through the elimination of non-sequential storage methodologies. With Chronology Storage™, storage is maximized and very efficient because of our unique data collection methodology. More data can be stored on current drives which saves money, which would be spent on new drives.

Chronology Storage™ Features

  1. Easier disk management for the end user, there is no need to set up storage pools.
  2. Automatically reallocate hard drive space when adding cameras.
  3. Dynamically increase disk drive storage.
  4. Significantly minimize temperature, vibration and wear on disks.
  5. Leaves drive heads ‘dormant’ for large periods of time.
  6. Keeps disks that are not actively reading or writing idle.
  7. Utilize drives more efficiently with lower spin rate drives.
  8. Chronology™ utilizes Strantin ‘redundant’ drive engineering.