Deployment Model

Network Architecture Solutions

Electronic surveillance is highly cost-effective: installation costs because of it is primarily digital and the system can be run on your present computers or company network. You only need to buy surveillance equipment and software. Strantin’s advantage lies in the easy-to-use, web-based interface located on your network infrastructure. The Strantin’s surveillance solution is both cost-effective and efficient.

A single administrative login provides access to the live or stored view of any camera on the network. Camera locations are easily identified through icons located on a graphical computer map enabling users to view and manage the video from any computer location. Gather relevant information using our software. Then determine how to best synchronize a decision and appropriate response. The human-friendly interface gives you the ability to, depending on the clarity of your cameras and their locations, capture needed surveillance. Magnified icons let you specify the type of view and location to monitor at any given time. Strantin’s  is your surveillance solution.