Strantin Education Partner Program

Safeguarding the students and the staff is very important for the educational institutions. Surveillance is a highly cost-effective precautionary measure against vandalism, theft, and violence. Solid documentation that a video recording provides can be invaluable in many situations. When advanced surveillance technologies are properly implemented in education environments, security threats and liability issues can be reduced.

The Benefits

  • Volume-based educational discounts.
  • Navigate multiple sites through a single interface.
  • Utilize existing network infrastructure.
  • Reduce the need for complicated and costly user training with intuitive system design.
  • Ensure system integrity with built-in system diagnostics.
  • Take advantage of the latest megapixel camera technologies which ensure the clearest, highest-grade images and video.

Education Partner

Strantin views our partners as an extension of our team, playing a key-role in the overall success of our company. The Strantin’s educational partner program offers many benefits.