Protecting Towns and Cities

Government applications of surveillance technologies can cover many different areas. In addition to developing a secure environment at government buildings and services, surveillance technologies are a great solution in short-term venues for speeches, political events, and parades. Strantin works to ensure surveillance in well integrated and highly functional. IP surveillance technology continues to reassert itself as an essential precautionary measure against terrorism, security breaches, crimes, and other threats. Using flexible IP video technology, locations such as seaports, dams, pipelines and state buildings can be monitored remotely via the Internet. Also, using Strantin’s advanced analytical attributes provides critical viewing, efficient evidence gathering, and important analytical tools.

Key Benefits

  • Utilizes existing network infrastructure
  • Combine the existing surveillance systems of multiple sites with our single interface
  • Reduce and discourage theft, criminal damage, and property damages through constant monitoring and chronicling of video surveillance
  • Reduce the cost of stationing full-time security by implementing powerful and tactical video surveillance
  • Cost effective using electronic technology over present network infrastructure
  • User-friendly design and controls minimize the need for complex and costly user training
  • Combines with other software for easy monitoring and liability solutions
  • Total System diagnostics available remotely to ensure greater uptime
  • High resolution camera technology is available with the software to secure top-grade images and video.
  • Quick mobile access to the video by first respondents without downloading software.
  • Proactive results through constant monitoring
  • Minimizes response time
  • Easily accessible data and images to gather evidence