About Us

“When powerful computing is incorporated with digital video technologies; extremely functional surveillance solutions become enabled.”

Combining powerful computing with digital video technologies gives you a single solution. Strantin uses digital IP technology to help you protect and prevent. You have many choices in surveillance systems for your organization. Strantin has pioneered a ‘decidedly different’ digital IP software management solution that is constantly enhanced to create complex surveillance management solutions to suit your ever-changing needs. This is the long term solution developed to meet the needs of any size industry or organization.

Strantin has created a new flexible surveillance system that is designed to provide user friendly software with top investigative capabilities. Strantin’s digital enterprise solution enhances traditional surveillance systems by incorporating digital IP hardware with the advanced functions of innovative software. Each part of the surveillance system can be upgraded or repaired as needed to keep your system continuously monitoring.

Strantin’s Enterprise Solution truly delivers all the benefits of a Digital-IP surveillance system: Server-based solutions with the ability to monitor, review and analyze data along with durable cameras and equipment which feature excellent flexibility, usability and functionality.

Strantin adapts our system to your needs. We are able to flawlessly integrate a large number of technologically advanced security products through our open architecture design. Because of our development staff’s industry expertise and knowledge we boost the innovative intelligence of cutting-edge security technologies for each organization we work with.

Strantin is recognized as an industry leader in IP surveillance software development and is offered and marketed through major distribution leaders. When you purchase our product, we make sure it fits your needs. Our forward-thinking sales team provides the highest level of technical support essential to assist our clients in designing and implementing customized, high-performance solutions.

Our Mission

We provide our customers with reliable, intuitive, industry-leading, open architecture IP video surveillance software platform. Giving you a customized product and quality customer service is our number one goal.

Our Vision

We aim to be a leading developer of innovative and fully integratable IP surveillance software to exceed the expectations of IT and security professionals.

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