Using Surveillance Cameras In Your Home

Despite the safety found in much of the country, home security is still an issue worth concern. We all like the idea of our home as a fortress, but that is simply not always the case. We owe it to our families to keep our home as safe as possible—fortunately, technology continues to make that easier.

Why Security Cameras?

Robbery, kidnapping, and assault are horrifying but real possibilities that most homeowners face. Cameras can help keep an eye on things, even when you aren’t around. Depending on the size of your home, much of your house may be unwatched at any given time. It’s important to keep watch over your property, family, and loved ones. Whether you have an unattended baby in her crib or a dog left home alone, cameras can work to lessen your fears and provide your home with a sense of security.

How Do Security Cameras Work?

The cameras are installed in four stages.

  •  Connect the surveillance camera(s) to the router: through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or network cable.
  •  Assign the IP address of the camera (this step requires a password and a URL).
  •  Place the camera(s) in a strategic location.
  •  Once the router is synchronized with the camera, video surveillance software such as Strantin is required to watch online video streaming.
  •  Monitor carefully.

Home security can be a scary topic, but it’s important to take it seriously. When the safety of your belongings and those you love is at stake, there’s no room for carelessness.