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IP Camera Software | Video Surveillance Software

"When powerful computing is incorporated with digital video technologies; extremely functional surveillance solutions become enabled."

Strantin is an efficient and intuitive enterprise video surveillance software. Strantin IP camera software uses the latest technology to give you the tools you need to protect and prevent. We have pioneered a decidedly different surveillance solution that is constantly enhanced to provide our clients the opportunity to create complex surveillance systems to suit their ever-changing needs. Strantin is a comprehensive user friendly surveillance software that monitors, reviews, and streamlines images from your surveillance system. Our video surveillance Software is the perfect solution for enterprise surveillance

A comprehensive user friendly solution that monitors, reviews, and streamlines images. Specifically designed for multiple-site, environments where video traffic is directed to one or more centralized servers. You get premium security features at a reasonable price.
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Flexible integration means you get the tools you need. Optimize your surveillance with unlimited cameras, centralized camera management, and easy integration.  Our IP video surveillance give you real advantages.
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Focus on customer care in every aspect of the business gives you a quality product with an excellent guarantee. Strantin offers uncompromising dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.
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Partnering with Strantin helps you reach more clients and generate more sales. Work with us to offer your customers the best products in one place.
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Integrating essential functions for a non-modular layered application interface. Flexibile and specialized to meet the specific needs of your business or industry.
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Combining powerful computing with digital video surveillance technologies, we offer a single solution. We offer customizable and extremely functional surveillance software along with high quality customer service.
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The Grapevine-Collyeville Independent School District (GCISD), located in the Dallas suburb of Grapevine, Texas, used to have 309 analog security cameras outside campus buildings to strengthen security for the 13,000 students in the district. The system used Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) for storage, which allows technology administrators to examine video footage of security mishaps.

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