Health Care

Improving security for affected individuals, employees and facilities

Increase security and control costs in hospitals and healthcare services using Strantin software and IP-video surveillance tools. Surveillance cameras can protect hospital employees and patients from security breaches. Our security system supports the safety of patients and staff. A strong security system also helps to protect valuable assets. With the increasing importance of medical regulations, Strantin software protects information and managed liabilities.  We provide solutions for your healthcare facility through the advantages of remote video monitoring, effective storage capabilities, and innovative analytical features.

Key Benefits

  • Combines with other software for streamlined monitoring and liability solutions
  • Consistently protects the safety of patients and staff through round the clock monitoring
  • Comply with healthcare regulations through protecting patient privacy and spotting liabilities
  • Monitor your entire facility from a single location
  • View multi-site healthcare facilities from a centralized location
  • Provides you with a complete theft control solution
  • Gathers and analyzes all your healthcare center’s activities in a single interface
  • Complete system diagnostic capabilities from central or remote locations
  • High Resolution (Megapixel) and HD camera technology guarantees that end-users get the best images and video
  • Surveillance technology helps to address patient needs more quickly and improve responses to medical concerns
  • Assists staff in watching for troubled patients and unauthorized visitors in restricted areas
  • Minimize the manual security administration work
  • Minimizes the security-staffing costs by having few security guards to monitor multiple areas and sites, sending the security guards where needed