Support Services Products

Strantin Support is unmatched in the industry. We offer support from installing your system through maintaining the integrity of your system. We have an array of training and support materials to help you with your surveillance system.

Strantin’s extensive resources accomplish far beyond what is usually offered by the competitors. Strantin’s professional services guide you in optimizing business performance.


  • SRVSPT – Strantin Software Service and Support
  • STRMAP – Strantin Customized Map
  • WEBTRNG – Basic Web Integration/End User Training
  • TRNING – Strantin On-Site End User Software Training
  • INTGR – Strantin On-Site Integration Training
  • PRECONFIG16 – Strantin Server Pre-configuration – Maximum 16 Camera Configuration Included
  • PRECONFIG32 – Strantin Server Pre-configuration – Maximum 32 Camera Configuration Included
  • PRECONFIG64 – Strantin Server Pre-configuration – Maximum 64 Camera Configuration Included
  • PRECONFIG65+ – Strantin Server Pre-configuration – 65+ Camera Configuration Included