Guided Setup

Strantin Guided Setup™

Strantin’s Easy Path™ Guided Setup™ generates the Easy Path™ to product integration by interpreting and compartmentalizing key set up features into a helpful set up guide. This application provides an easy way to setup the Strantin’s application in an engaging step by step, easy to follow guide.

Guided Setup™ Features

  1. Simplifies system setup by using default values for the most typical Strantin system configurations.
  2. Streamlines administrative setup with Guided Setup™’s step-by-step informational guide.
  3. Identifies key procedures necessary to implement Chronology™ storage.
  4. Quickly and easily builds a Strantin system whether you are a beginner or expert user.
  5. Significantly minimize implementation time and difficulty.
  6. Describes the basic Strantin administrative setup, adding cameras, and applying user licenses to the system.