Offering alternatives for commercial applications

Commercial integration IP-video technology can help secure assets, manage operations, and maximize your capital investments. Strantin software also helps to minimize threats such as criminal damage, theft, and terrorist attacks. Administrative buildings, warehouses and labs are often multi facility or even multi site. This presents those monitoring the facilities with a complicated task. Installing Strantin IP video technology connects multi-site services so they can be monitored from one interface remotely from any location in the world. Strantin’s efficient features and capabilities incorporated with top quality surveillance equipment can have a significant effect on the cost effectiveness of any firm’s operations.

Quick Benefits

  • Integrates with other software’s for advanced monitoring and liability assurance
  • Navigate the current surveillance of multiple sites anywhere in the world using a single interface
  • Security experts can monitor multiple locations from any global location with the Internet and a web browser
  • Intuitive designs and controls minimize the need for complicated and costly user training
  • Combines easily with access control systems for superior monitoring and liability assurance
  • Total system diagnostics from any corporate site or remotely
  • High definition and megapixel camera technology ensure that end-users get top-grade images and video