Strantin Enterprise Software

You can get our Fundamental, Corporate or Enterprise level surveillance all-in-one application! Strantin’s non-modular, layered application interface allows for an expandable system design. Strantin’s software integrates essential elements for the stand-alone applications. The software also has expandable components to flawlessly meet the needs of the most challenging multi-site Enterprise environments.

Whether made for a 4-channel application or an application comprising of thousands of channels, Strantin is the best, THE Always Enterprise™ solution. It can be implemented at a wide scope enterprise level, a single site or a range of organization sizes in-between. It is flexible enough to meet your needs.

Efficient and Specialized

Get proactive, smart technology to secure your business or organization. Strantin’s solutions overcome the boundaries of traditional analog surveillance systems. Innovative and scalable to both your organization and the latest technology, Strantin consistently works to assimilate your surveillance management software with the newest and most functional technologies. Strantin surveillance is a strong preventative solution.

Cost Effective

Strantin is transforming how people think about surveillance technology. We eliminate modular and leveled pricing. Instead, we offer you great functional surveillance management software and combine it with your data system and some of the best hardware available.  Because it is a digital system, surveillance technology reduces your overall cost of surveillance and saves you from the drawbacks of analog surveillance cameras. Overall, it is the best solution with an affordable cost and effective output. Strantin is the perfect solution for the following types of organizations: 

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