Enterprise Navigator

Strantin’s Enterprise Navigator is very effective for multi sight or high-intensity organizations. Often each facility or location has different surveillance needs. Our Enterprise Navigator software provides a common global viewing platform to monitor your organization’s locations in a central location. Common global viewing requires only minimal centralized storage/bandwidth.  Through a single map user interface, users are able to easily view an overarching enterprise map from one server location with the ability to select individual views or combine distributed server sites.

Enterprise Navigator Features

  1. Navigate completely from remote sites through one login and URL
  2. Quickly view site status reports
  3. Minimize centralized digital image storage while allowing an enterprise-grade user experience
  4. Connect to an almost unlimited number of sites
  5. Easy Navigation
  6. Centralize processing of enterprise server diagnostics into system-wide summary reports or issue prioritization reports
  7. Maximize bandwidth using a distributed network architecture with full access to system data
  8. Mapping components can be stacked in multiple formats, including by country, region, state, city or campus