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Despite the safety found in much of the country, home security is still an issue worth concern. We all like the idea of our home as a fortress, but that is simply not always the case. We owe it to our families to keep our home as safe as possible—fortunately, technology continues to make that easier. Robbery, kidnapping, and assault are horrifying but real possibilities that most homeowners face. Cameras can help keep an eye on things, even when you aren’t around.

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Security is first priority in every administrator’s mind in any shape of business. Imperfect or deprived security can get down a company's network and their computer resources as well. That compares to lost work and may cause affects foot line too. It is necessary for an administrators to put all the strategies to confirm the security and surveillance of their networks. Strantin’s goal is to provide you the best Surveillance Software with a mixture of your requirements and ideas with our experience. 

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With the increase of security threats like criminal activities, thefts etc, video surveillance becomes more and more popular. The Video Surveillance Market Global Forecast to 2022 report shows that the video surveillance market is expected to reach USD 71.28 billion by 2022, at an estimated CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 16.56% during the forecast period. But with different companies and products, it’s difficult to decide which security services you’d like to choose.

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Today is the day of information technology and in IT the one thing is must and that is security. There are different types of securities like digital security, room security, office security cameras etc. When you talk about the security cameras there are several names in our minds but the NVR and DVR  are the  most common and popular names in these days. NVR is Network video recorder system use for the security of offices, homes, shops.

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