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Enterprise Software

Implementation of Strantin Enterprise Software is encouraged for multiple-site, campus architecture environments where video traffic is directed to one or more centralized servers. Strantin Enterprise Software is the complete and perfect solution for surveillance. Its implementation is easy and working is very efficient. It provides you the features that any other surveillance system cannot.

Strantin NVR Series

No matter whether you need video security around the clock or recording at minor periods, it is important that your solution should be flexible enough to meet any requirement. Strantin NVRs provide a long lasting, cost-effective platform with room for growth from even the smallest installations. Extension with Strantin NVRs is never an issue. All Strantin NVR's come with a Dual NIC Card. Strantin NVR solution is powerful, efficient and effective as well. It will prove its power and efficiencies from its first time use.

Product Support

Strantin offers uncompromising dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Strantin knows that customer support starts before the after-sale process. Strantin provides its industry partners with information packets, industry white papers and personal support to train the users on the IP Video Surveillance market and how Strantin can make a difference in their environment.

Be a Partner

In today’s economy, competition is fierce. Clients are demanding and budgets are stretched. In order to be successful, companies in all industries must simplify and be more efficient with their processes. Strantin does this by joining with suppliers and partners in order to ultimately provide an exceptional customer experience.

Strantin's business model is based on loyal, long-term partnerships. We offer uniquely structured dealer partnerships that allow for the broadest support of our partners and ultimately their end users.

Industry Solutions

Strantin's non-modular, Layered Application Interface allows for multi-level architectural system design. Strantin's design elements/components integrate the essential application functionality for stand-alone applications while flawlessly affording Strantin customers the ability to meet the needs of the most challenging multi-site Enterprise environments.

Contact Us

Our friendly support staff is happy to assist you. Contact us if you have any support or sales related questions. Contact Strantin for product pricing and other details.

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