Dispatch Command

Strantin Dispatch Command™

Strantin’s special Dispatch Command™ eradicates the traditional matrix switcher through the use of cutting-edge network technology. The unique Dispatch Command™ feature set enables users to develop customizable matrix screens that can be saved and forwarded anywhere on the network without additional hardware thus saving you money and time.

Dispatch Command™ Features

  1. No pre-specified matrix templates to limit the display size and scope of the monitor.
  2. Users are able to set up and control multiple monitors on a single PC.
  3. No matrix switcher hardware has to be purchased, installed, or maintained.
  4. No additional software to download.
  5. No additional plug-in or codec required to run this feature.
  6. No extra training for end user.
  7. Dispatch Command™ permits users to view cameras from anywhere on the network, not just cameras on a local server.
  8. Dispatch Command™ enables mobile users to view and push video to remote monitors on a wireless or broadband network.
  9. Matrix settings can be exported as XML files so settings can be emailed and/or saved to USB memory, making setting transfers easy.