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Boosted Performance
  • Choose your hardware to fit your needs
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Records video when motion is detected
  • Centralizes the recording environment with remote management / viewing capabilities
  • Unrestricted number of recording servers
  • Dual matrix configurations with the options of individual users or a video wall
  • Icon-based camera identification
  • Advanced video navigation to adjust the rate, event wrap to date and or time as well as frame by frame searches
  • Efficient express search displayed along with the type of camera
  • Bookmarks let you find specific saved images
  • Customizable camera compression levels
  • Recording efficiency based on camera and video encoder capabilities - no software limitations
  • Scalable maps and icons built in SVGs
Administrative Benefits
  • Supervise password options for each type of user level
  • Set individual user bookmarks
  • Specify customized Individual user bookmarks
  • Select skins for use by multiple users
  • Create or edit users
  • Assign unique priority levels
  • Assign unique browser timeout (HH:MM) at indiviual user level
  • Assign unique video timeout (HH:MM) at indiviual user level
  • Assign user roles for each existing camera group
  • View user selection with the option to sort by preferred characteristics
  • Review user session logs for up to 30 days
  • View user session directory with the option to sort by attributes
  • View active logins with the option to sort by each attribute
  • Review alarm event logs posted to the server
  • Specify automatic event detection and video delivery tools
  • View alarm summary page with the option to sort by each attribute
  • Sort alarm event footage by date and time
  • Create specific incident lockdowns based on a priority threshold
Matrix Viewing Station
  • Password protected support
  • Add the preferred number of camera displays
  • Copy camera display rows
  • Delete camera displays and camera display rows
  • Resize individual camera displays
  • Resize all camera displays as a group
  • Assign any camera on LAN to a matrix viewing station
  • Toggle multiple cameras in one monitored area at assigned intervals
  • Set a master viewing station remotely
  • Assign other viewing stations as drones
  • Create names for other monitors on your network
  • Set remote master controls and remote drones from anywhere on the LAN
  • Save matrix viewing station settings as XML files to a local client
  • Export matrix XML files to other users
  • Open matrix XML files on any LAN-based client
  • Save remote master settings to remote drones as one XML file
System Diagnostics
  • Receive Strantin remote support on your server during setup
  • View latest software release number
  • View the current status of every camera
  • View the current recording rate
  • View the current storage space of each camera
  • View assigned current storage allotment of each camera
  • View current number of retention days for archived images
  • View current bandwidth of each camera
  • View System Monitor catalog with the option to sort by each attribute
  • Non-functioning cameras are displayed with a red background warning
  • Camera Check displays snapshot an image every 60 sec 24 / 7
Live Viewer &Archive Player
  • View cameras in resolutions from 160 x 120 to 8 megapixel
  • Control pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras remotely or using preset positions
  • Remote PTZ Point-and-Click control
  • Remote PTZ zoom to a marked rectangle
  • System stores PTZ presets in Strantin’s server database
  • Create an infinite number of PTZ preset positions
  • Create PTZ patrolling sequences
  • Video Motion Detection sensitive PTZ patrolling among selected presets at camera level
  • View up to four cameras through browser Matrix VU
  • Video timeout features to make efficient use of available bandwidth
  • Express metadata camera search engine
  • Event-based recording
  • Multiple archives possible per day
  • Java platform to view, save and export archived image clips
  • Toggle from archive search to event search
  • One-click ability to save individual JPEGs
  • Examine individual archived images
  • View archived video at different frame rates
  • View and advance frames in time segments
  • Retrieve by date and time
  • Send exported image clips to an offline user
  • Use a standalone viewer to view exported video image clips
Strantin System Setup and Camera Integration
  • Create, delete or edit user roles
  • Create, delete or edit camera groups
  • Assign default role to camera groups
  • Assign all cameras and floor plans to camera groups
  • Filter cameras and floor plans using customizable assigned names
  • Move cameras from one location to another
  • Delete cameras and assigned storage from the system
  • View assigned storage for each camera
  • View unassigned free storage space
  • Add new floor plans to the database with ease
  • Import images and assign to floor plans
  • Add nested floor plans
  • Create names for floor plans
  • Assign toolbar positions for floor plans
  • Import images to your corporate splash page
  • Check for Strantin updates online
  • Upload ISO images for updates and new version releases
  • Download and send licensing requests via email
  • Upload licensing signatures received via email
  • Create or edit admin username and password for networked cameras
  • Create or edit operator username and password for networked cameras
  • Create or edit NTP server for networked cameras
  • Create or edit HTML title for Strantin System
  • Toggle between Setup Mode and User Mode
  • Search networked cameras using a subnet search
  • System search defines camera model, IP address and MAC address
  • Copy camera information to database fields
  • Assign the camera name
  • Assign camera a pull code memo
  • Assign camera fixed or PTZ icon
  • Assign camera the recording frames per second
  • Set camera with the Strantin default settings
  • Assign retention days and applicable storage requirements
  • Set assigned cameras as aliases on other floor plans
  • Create or modify satellite servers
  • Attach camera icons to a grid for easy layout management
  • Use keyboard shortcuts when placing and sizing camera icons
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