Reliable, Secure, Integrates easily

Strantin’s customizable architecture platform distinguishes itself throughout the IP industry for its dependability. Strantin takes advantage of Linux OS to use with network video recorders (NVRs).  We integrate the best productive hardware and our software with surveillance equipment to create steady and trusted surveillance networking solutions. Our remarkable and world-class product integration makes your organization’s security world-class.

Browser Based: No Download Required

Enjoy a powerful and easy to use software which can function as a lean client. Installing Strantin on your company network system lets you use individual computers within the network for surveillance while the bulk of data processing takes place on the server. Monitor and gather visual images from multiple locations and view at your server location. Strantin can gather these images and streamline them to provide needed images and information. This gives you flexibility and optimizes your surveillance system so it is light and easily accessible. Simply, it is an easy to use electronic surveillance solution.

Web-enabled Diagnostics: All-Time Accessibility

Analyze your gathered information simply in an easy to use format. Using Strantin, set up customized cameras, enable them remotely and monitor them as a whole or individually. Then our web-enabled reporting tools and support diagnostics keep track of your surveillance operations remotely. Analyze optimized information conveniently. Strantin provides you remote access globally when you need it..

Intuitive and Friendly Graphical User Interface: Surveillance For Dummies

Strantin’s easy to use and friendly graphical user interface makes it easy for you to set up a professional grade monitoring system. Because we produce high quality end product in an easy to use format you can quickly get your system up and running. Also, avoid costly and lengthy training because of our intuitive controls and navigation tools.

Enterprise-Grading: Small Size

Strantin’s surveillance management software is enterprise graded, but minimally intrusive in your company network. Optimized features provide scalability. Strantin expands to an almost unlimited number of cameras and users at no extra cost. Strantin’s Enterprise Solution was built for real performance. You won’t have to worry about scalability and flip-up pricing. We offer the perfect surveillance solution.

Unlimited Scalability: High Performance

Adding more cameras to most surveillance systems is often pricey and complicated with modular pricing, seat licensing, and connecting additional inputs to a receiver. Strantin expands to an almost unlimited number of users and does not charge for additional licenses. We work to ensure performance remains at optimal levels.